Our Research

The Chair Ecological Impact Research & Ecotoxicology was intro-duced to the TU Berlin by Prof. Dr. Stephan Pflugmacher Lima in December 2010.


We are mainly working in the field of aquatic ecotoxicology. Key topics are the elucidation of Molecular Initiating Events and Adverse Outcome Pathways of various toxins and xenobiotics.


The work in aquatic organisms (invertebrates, macrophytes, cyanobacteria and aquatic fungi) is concentrating on cyanobacterial toxin, human- and veterinary drugs (painkillers, antibiotics and hormones), chemicals used in construction materials (e.g. add-mixtures), nanoparticles and microplastic..


The applied research in this field was leading to the development of Green Liver Systems, artificial systems for a sustainable purification of water using aquatic macrophytes. In addition the possibilities of mycoremediation is investigated using bioreactors and aquatic fungi in single and co-culture (White Liver Systems). 

In all the above mentioned research areas, students of all levels are involved at an early stage to achieve a stable and fruitful link between research and teaching.


In November 2016 the Joint Laboratory of Applied Ecotoxicology was established in collaboration with the Korean Institute of Science & Technologie (KIST Europe) in Saarbrücken. The research directed is focused on 3D organoid characterization, design of organ-imitating hydrogels with cells and ultimately a QSAR-based identification of toxic substances.